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Other questions asked about me. Take a look and see!

Pastoral Scene

why do you use the pen name vevna forrow?

I originally had Veena as the first name because of "veen" in my full name but decided on Vevna the "na" at the end was inspired by a 2005 film I saw when I was visting my grandparents in Malaysia called Kisna the Warrior Poet. I was thinking of lol European names for another short story then decided to stick with it. I'm a huge fan of the movie I recall one day back then I was when researching Scotland or Ireland then I stumbled across Farrow as a county.  I also heard of Faroe Islands in Scotland and Limerick, Ireland. So I  thought of Forrow with an "o" which reminded me of sparrows and birds with dark pasts.  It also made me think of Furrow orb spiders and burrowing critters that creeped me out too.  Forrow rhymes with "sorrow" as well which is a common thread from character perspectives in my shorts series. Jasveen Kaur, even my nickname Jazz is a super common name and its fun to be able to write under another name overall where I can write serious, gut wrenching and sad things. 

why the hummingbird?

Several times outside at home and by the window while working I always see hummingbirds zip by.  Additionally, one of the first hummingbirds I ever saw in kindergarten was placed in a box that had passed due to a car window injury, which made me realize how cicada short beauty in this world is. To me hummingbirds symbolize drinking peace and overcoming tough gusts of pain.

where are you from?

Minneapolis, Minnesota is my home and where the Vikings roam!

why do you love poetry?

Poetry is an internal wild fire that burns everything at once from your heart.  By writing out what you feel, you can often in the process heal. There is power behind words; they can ignite a fight but also give others newfound sight. A poem, a drawn story, an emotion on paper helps me count those sheep faster at night.

can i reprint or share your poems?

Absolutely! Writing is meant to be shared and read. If a poem I wrote resonated with you, then feel free to reprint it as long as you provide visible credit alongside of the poem to my pen name or like this:

Jazz Marie Kaur (Vevna Forrow)

You may also use my poem in any film, music or video adaptations as long as you provide credit to my pen name too.   

Thanks in advance for respecting and sharing my work! Let me know where my poem winds up on the Chirp Wall or on Twitter:  jazzdraws508

Instagram: jasveen_marie_kaur

how did you publish your books?

I am a self-published author. I leveraged Amazon Kindle services.  I hope to one day have each one available in paperback or a jumbo book of my favorite poems put together called Hummingbird Blink or the Hummingbird Hum.  

where would you want to live out of all the places in USA?

Aside from Chaska, MN, Truckee, California (The Town of Truckee) they have a cool arts community. Tons of snow, hiking opportunities and fun food ya know! :)  I would also say Vermont looks also really awesome in terms of markets plus the fall colors look amazing and I don't mind a farm view or hearing a nearby "moo". One day I hope to check out Durango, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington state too. 

what is your favorite place outside of the USA that you would love to visit one day?

Too many to name. I hope to see  Ireland, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Portugal, Dublin, New Zealnd, Germany and Spain one day.

what advice would give someone wanting to start writing or improving becoming a poet?

There is science behind poetry; you have to write in a moment what you feel; always remember what is real. You have to have fun or enjoy expressing yourself. Never take one or 50+ rejections over a poem personally. Don't keep thinking about one star or negative reviews, just keep writing and sharing. A lot of poets if you look back across history failed or faced heavy criticism and it took a lot of attempts for their work to be seen. You can't give up on what you love or write.  


Some lit mag's and poetry communities provide feedback options, which could definitely help you grow. Draw from your own personal relatable memories and remember that poems should be driven by human emotion; share the stories of your darkest worries.  Release what is mooing sad, but don't just focus on the baa baa bad. The beauty of poetry is that you can experiment, take visual risks with word formatting and just let go.​​   

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