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Hummingbird Blink Podcast

Once upon a time, a young woman decided to choose hummingbird ink as her sword, her armor, which carried her voice. She wanted others to remember that paper was her weapon of choice. Listen to the healing power and music that poetry produces! Jasveen “Jazz” Marie Kaur (Core) is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota but resides in Southern Nevada. She is known for her technical troubleshooting, visual design, sketch and cartoon artwork drawn with a computer mouse. Additionally, she created the Jazzy Hummingbird Project, Hummingbird Blink: Nectar Poetry podcast and trademarked The Moon Kingseas™.  JMK is passionate about poetry and helping others! A few episodes without Spotfy music and no other voices are avaiable for a listen as well on other patforms such as iHeart. Check it out on your Spotify app! 

The Moon Kingseas™

The Moon Kingseas is Jazz Marie Kaur (Vevna Forrow)'s spoken word artistry and comedic name on music streaming platforms. She created over 80 tracks  in 2022.  Visit Spotify, SoundCloud,  YouTube music, Pandora, Apple etc.

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