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Amid Blossoms by William Blackburn

Wave after cresting wave, upon tree limbs beached As sunset rays impart last dimming of this day Orpheus and his orchestra in festive salutation

These Seasons Four in cyclical reverie Dance about our manifest theme: All things, with time, pass as rain On earthen entrails fall Nurturing tree roots

Calling out through undiminished years Slumber now this dreamlike waking state A tapestry unwound, in strands, these strings Washing over we, upon grassy hillside stood Inaudible erudition

A grand, entropic bombast sinecure disheveled Measured out in furlongs of thought imbibed Surreptitious revelation aloud pronounced

Amid Summer's greens


William T Blackburn- Educated in English: Writing/Teaching and Music Composition, his work appears in numerous digital and print journals, technical manuals, and RPG books. He has authored Cubicles I & II and the multi-volume series Tales Fireside Told, as well as contributing to ACW PoemVillage 2019-2023. He served as an Ageless Authors judge in 2020. His work has been submitted for a Pushcart Prize.



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