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FAHRENbite by Jazz Marie Kaur

it is devastating when a piledriving house drops

on your picket fenced head

it is traumatizing when no one you once loved listens

it is insane when others suddenly call you insane

because of missed internal phantom pain

it is waffling when the webbed sky pours spiders

and bleeds infinity Blade Runner red

it is raffling when OTHERS - trained professionals

gamble with your life

it is the most profound snapped leg flamingo thing

when the moon spoon dives out if the salt n' pepper night

when the moon no longer produces tailspinning milk n' honey light

when your punctured heart twists into a flat road tire

when everything you consume loses iits mouthwatering matchstick

when you lose all oven baked possibilities


all marshmallow frying daydreams

when all whipped cream nightmares

have firepit struck at once

you feel like a coned dunce

because fellow humans were not kind when you needed them to be

because they Twister n' UNO skipped you

because they donut hole shotgun smashed your brain

because they mistakenly fed you acid rabid pill rain

because they cheetah rushed

and triggered your endless years and tears of dungeon

domino allergic reaction pain

darkness just feeds more darkness

mutated knives just mole dig deeper

when no answers

get steeper

time vampire plunges into us all

it is the worse nutcracker pain of all

to lose your family-sized mall

to lose your rainbow

it is the worse pain

to be thumbprint cookie flattened


to firefly fall for someone

to be drawn to another

under such Mad Hatter conditions


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