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Follow Some of the Steps by Andy Betz

Beyond my vision

Scouring fields from afar

I search for the one

Who searches not for me

But for where I should ultimately be

He sees his life as his eternity

Filled with infinite possibilities

I view my life from behind

Focused on a singular critical nexus

Previously known as choice

If I should draw near

Call out to him so as to

Paternally advising of hazards unseen

Laissez-Faire governance of purpose

Solely under the auspices of guidance

I weigh my good intentions

Against unintended consequences

If I may take hold of his navigation

I (I mean we) might transport back

Using second vision, seizing second chances

However, I do understand

What I discard may be worse than what I find

I have no experience with this level of meddling

Will not petition for absolution should I fail

And cannot rely on old memories should I succeed

The hour is nigh

The time of reckoning

A twist of fate

For two to become one

I speak in tones he acknowledges as his own

He offers his attention and listens

The old sage dispenses advice

Most is too bitter for him to swallow

But medicine as mine is worth the effort

With each dose he perceives as beneficial

He begins to visually appear transformed

Fuller, heartier, more evolved than before

I, however, am becoming transparent

Losing coherence, losing validity

For I am the guardian of the path he no longer covets

He accepts my wisdom as nourishment for his growth

He earns no memories for years it takes to be so

He receives no scars from my trials

Others would trade for such benevolence

I am nearly exhausted from the exchange

He weathers my tempest well

Advancing his physical strength

Broadening his intellect

Seasoning his wisdom

Greedily, I break the contact

To take stock of my creation

The cost of this encounter saps my soul

A soul never once alive

A soul ever deserving of sapping

Life is a journey of infinite possibilities

Not a forgone destination scheduled for a single review

I blazed a trail to pathways unknown and of meager profit

What I sacrificed is a pittance for what he procured

Learning to follow some, but not all, steps before him


Andy Betz has tutored and taught in excess of 40 years. He lives in 1974, and has been married for 29 years. His works are found everywhere a search engine operates.


Prologue - S.MICHAUD


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