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SEÁN ÓG by Lee Eustace

Individual cereal boxes

made it feel like a hotel.

A different bed, a different voice

and a strange sounding doorbell.

But what could be strange at granny’s abode?

With feelings of love that overflowed

And trinkets of treasure

to find the next day

when Seán Óg would arrive

on the night that you stay


Lee (he/his) is a writer and poet whose work centres on the themes of relationships, social constructs, and culture. Lee is previously self-published in the creative nonfiction space and is now in the advanced stageAs of producing a debut novel and a standalone collection of short stories. His poems have found a home at Apricot Press, Free_The_Verse, and the London Wildlife Trust. Follow his Instagram @creativeleestorytelling for updates on his progress.

behind the poem

“Seán Óg” is a poem which features in a wider collection (examining motifs of moving from adolescence into adulthood) which I am now finalising for publication. The poem itself is a memory of childhood when I would sleep over at my grandparents’ home and feel all the childlike wonder that accompanies such an experience. The ‘Seán Óg’ element refers to a little routine my grandad created of giving me a very small gift the day after sleeping over as a memento of the time spent in their home. It’s a memory that I cherish to this day and would love to share with others.


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