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Wallpaper Smile by Pwen Twistl

i'll never tell my friends when i'm in Doctor Strange pain


because i know they too may be going through bullshit too

i don't want to add to the dumpster domino pile in this Twister board era


i don't tell everyone or just anyone

it takes me time to anchor trust others

it takes me time to accordion open up

i have faced a lot of Goosebump nightmares

i have faced a lot of cold blooded anaconda crazy ass terror laughs and stares

i have like yourself been scarred by Zamboni grizzly bears

i have faced King Kong nonsense across the desert


i still am in a space surrounded by packs of cigarette smoking wolverines

i still am surrounded by skunk day iron showers


i still am here

because love still exists here

perhaps not everywhere but its here despite my Avalanche City pain and perhaps yours

there are so many dynamite things in this world


despite the Dodo violence

despite the tragic

if you push

if you alarm clock

Wake Up


if you keep tugging at that Excalibur brain blade

you"ll eventually

King Arthur remove what makes you afraid

yes, you"ll find the Hansel & Gretel breadcrumbs of magic

yes, you"ll bake your ciabbata bread

yes, you can conquer the Hellboy demons that are in your heart and head

yes, you can...

even without me

because you have a superpower

to see what's lovely


your cannoli passion


your way of spreading more Wonder Woman Superman starlight

across this planet


there won't always be rainbow days

but what and who we love often helps us combat the burnt toast days

holding onto moments

holding onto memories

forgetting the word frenemies

if you take the time to Thundercat focus on what you love


the howling aches

the mechanical rust

the 13 Ghost wounds

the Loki stabs

the wrinkles of tundra time

begin to fade away...

your story is just beginning


is not



If you remember on the Spotify podcast of Hummingbird Blink, Pwen Twistl is actually another pen name of Jazz Marie Kaur aka Vevna Forrow. Also, another pen name she first went by with her first poetry colletion was titled Rattled Souls that she created in high school, which is no longer available under Meeli Caston. You can read some of her first published writes as Forrow in Chirp on Wood on Amazon which is revised from Extiinct a bit, The pen name "Twistle" was inspired by Gwen of the Marvel Spiderverse, the "P" in Paul Revere and also the thought of whistleblowers across society.


No Rainbows In The Desert by Unlike Pluto


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