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These are just some of shops, artists, or poets that dipity has featured projects which we closely follow and encourage you to check out and support! ( click the images and underlines to take a look below )



Tap Tap Tintype Art House created by Millie.St.Waters has 
phenomenal collage art combined with her micropoetry. SUBSCRIBE to her AWESOME artist community blog here. Visit the Etsy shop and follow on Instagram or Twitter @MillieStWaters! Or CHECK OUT THIS HERE 


The Chronic Babes Collective is a helpful zine series geared towards providing tips, facts, and resources when faced with chronic illnesses – Rissa Nicole and Maggie Bowyer aka @TheFibroGirl/FibroGirlBlog and @maggie.writes!


Cary Gary is a poet, artist, and creator who does wedding 
events, on-the-spot typewriter poetry and can be found on his website, Etsy Shop CreatingCary, Instagram @creating.cary.

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