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here are poets, writers, or books in the community you should def check out

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tiffiny rose allen

At The Beginning Of Yesterday by Tiffiny Rose Allen  @dreamsinhiding.writing is a collection of poetry that tends to the gardens in our souls and surroundings. Yearning for balance and learning to let go, this collection will walk you through the paths of self-discovery and unfold near the flow of gentle waters, where we may learn to be nurtured in the ways that allow us to grow. 


ally loyns 

Bloom by Ally Loyns  @ally_author on Instagram is the sequel to the poetic compilation "A Generation of Sunflowers." Authored by a BPD warrior, Bloom carefully dissects the tender interplay between mental illness and healing, love and release, resilience and self-embrace.


Divided into four parts—Stigma, Sepal, Stem, and Roots —this collection seamlessly weaves together the tapestry of one's being and keeps the conversation about mental health going; no censorship, only genuine, raw emotion. Pick up Ally's poetry collections at the  genOFsunflowers Etsy shop.


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