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Carry Water, Carry Sound (in key of D minor) by Meredith MacLeod Davidson

The table held the ghost in her blue legs in her sanded surface the ghost tripped tenuous slumber the hold of wood still unsummoned memory held the ghost against the churn of meals the family all cloaked the ghost again again against a settling of dust

the table held the ghost until it could no longer until the ghost declared freedom restless a single finger swiped across a sanded surface mapping time away and the table was sold with the ghost for next to nothing the new owner placed a vase of tulips atop the table turning to sleep

the ghost no more in the elemental resonance of tulips trimmed wick to water-hoisted clay curved aged wood a memory emerged and in it the porous again aspirating for life, the ghost released to hold water, to hold sound

by morning, the table lifted limp tulips hung by a curse untold ghost remade in absence the flattening of green glory turn of night the ghost in her fury or her fear demanded the leafspan the very stature of bloom


Meredith MacLeod Davidson is a poet and writer from Virginia, currently based in Scotland, where she recently completed the MLitt in Creative Writing at The University of Glasgow. Meredith serves as senior editor for Arboreal Literary Magazine and was nominated for Best of the Net in 2023.

EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: Ghostseeker — Dead White Tulips - Is It Real


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