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submission guidelines

Please read our guidelines plus FAQ's very carefully and scroll all the way down before proceeding to our Submittable page's meow meow button below. Watch our pawsome video as well covering the guidelines on our submissions bucket page. We do typically extend deadlines if we do not hit our open window caps.  We DO NOT accept submissions via e-mail for our designated sub-section and only use Submittable.   



How many times can I submit?

Unlimited now per year unless specified by the editor and only initial 1st time submissions are free except for expedited review and our feedback option. Send your best, experimental or even declined writes too! Have fun!  You can submit unthemed writes to the general bucket too. Our NEW upcoming print series is called ANTIQUE ROADSHIP, please choose the correct bucket when submitting. 

When will I hear back and do you charge reader fees?

We may close this depending on the number of submissions received at any time and hope to establish a regular submission schedule in the future.  Our turnaround time varies for review and we do our best to respond sometimes at least within 1-2 months currently due to life events. Anything outside of this time or 30-60 max days, assume it was not accepted.  Do inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do our best to send a notification email to all submitters but do apologize if any messages are missed. Feel free to ask questions on the Dipity Community board page or the Dipity e-mail. 2nd time or more submissions for any category incur a $5-8 cost, an expedited fee $5, audio, video and the $20+ feedback fees are non-refundable. Photos and art incur no sub fees. 

What else should I include?

Your preferred publication name, your social media handles Twitter, Instagram, and a photograph (this photo should be one you’ve taken such as a selfie) to accompany your poem or feature in the magazine. If you’re the author of a poetry book or collections, do share.  Going forwards please keep identifying information off of your document name and work content as we try to align with blind reading practices or it will be declined. We only ask for a photo after acceptance. If you don’t wish to provide a photo of yourself, then a photo of a pet, shoes, a fave thing in nature or some other personal fun photo would suffice. 2-3 photos to choose from. We typically only put photos in print issues, but VFORROW will sometimes integrate them at times

Please keep it PG-13. Images and poetry that promote violence or may appear to be attacking in nature shall not be accepted. 

Provide a 5-8 sentence bio, ideally 5 sentences.


What about publication rights?

 You retain rights to your work and we just ask that you mention or credit Dipity Literary Magazine as the first publication place in any future reshares.

Do you pay writers?

 At this time we cannot pay writers, but would like to work towards doing so in the future and would like to host chapbook submission contests. We award in some challenges such as the Symphonic $50 for our favorite accepted poem in a round. For our single spoken word releases on our new upcoming music streaming release channels, we do not pay royalty checks out and you agree that any streams royalties go towards helping keeping dipity operations up and running. Again you retain 100% ownership of your words and work though always that is absolutely important. 

Where can I purchase print versions of the magazine?

We use a company similar to MagCloud. We distribute our physical print issues to Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Abes Books, Thriftbooks,, and a few other major online bookstores.  We cannot mail deliver a physical copy to all contributors at this time either, but you may order additional copies online. We also give a discounted link to contributors. Additionally, Dipity Literary Magazine with your permission may choose to publish writes online only under the featured web archival section instead if not selected for print.

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