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Dipity originally started online in September 2022 shortly after the Hummingbird Blink podcast series. The original can be still be purchased with more hummingbird hiccups, and is available still but we made a trimmed reboot of no.1. You can purchase our print issues at nearly any major online bookstore and digitally through our site shop. Check as indicated on the column title for certain issues. Amazon tends to offer the best deep discounts alongside a few others, but we recommend comparing bookstore prices before purchasing hardcover or softcover. If you ever see DNB RETRACTED in front of an issue, please be aware that is a  pulled version that came down for revisions.  Our goal is to trim issue sizes down in the future under 100-130 pages after issue no. 4. Our print and distribution providers typically take actually a whopping 89%-95%  of the profit margin on average so our editor uses their own book sales to fund dipity and contests too when possible. We truly appreciate any donations through Submittable or at the bottom of our site page.  Thanks for purchasing dipity issues — your support truly means a lot!

Dipity Literary Mag Issue #1 (Ink Dwellers Rerun Offiicial Edition): Poetry Moon Zoom - December, 2022 - Softcover + Hardcover Economy Edition (Online Bookstores)

INK Dwellers Dipity Rerun Issue No. 1 vforrow.png

Dipity Literary Mag Issue #2 (Jurassic Ink Rerun Official Edition): Poetry & Photography - December, 2022 - Softcover + Hardcover Economy Edition (Online Bookstores)


Dipity Literary Mag Issue #3 (Castle Terra Kingdom Official Gallop Edition): Poetry, Photography & Short Stories - March, 2023 - Softcover Economy Edition + Hardcover Dust Economy ( Online Bookstores)


Dipity Literary Mag Issue #4 (ANTIQUE ROADSHIP) Poetry, Photography & Art - December, 2023 - Softcover Standard Version (Online Bookstores) + Hardcover Dust 

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