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Remember you can purchase softcover and hardcover versions of dipity in online bookstores such as via Amazon here do note that it takes quite a few months or longer (varies by demand) before online bookstores reapply deep discounts way under $25-$40 over the cray initial listing prices (with their insane distribution fees tacked on) plus we have a few back magazine issues available to read digitally for FREE those who prefer to see past issue examples. To be able to see them after clicking READ NOW, you should access the digital issues on your computer in full-screen mode from the menu instead of a mobile device. PDF digital file purchases are not yet back available in our shoppe. If you see an issue is unavailable in an online bookstore check back in a few weeks when it's restocked. Remember to compare all online bookstore prices if you don't use Amazon. Contributors always receive heavily discounted copies to purchase and share with friends and family. Our goal is to trim issues down further in the future and to make them more affordable for the public going forward. 

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