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Dipity originally started online in September 2022 in Nevada shortly after the Hummingbird Blink podcast show series. Scroll through. We just added spine text to the June 2024 new editions, some older versions of 1-4 are without spine text. We put the latest issue online for free before the next one. Our new U.S. print store links also have different gloss + satin editions (no international shipping yet but soon and in all other online bookstores they are softback. Remember to compare shipping and delivery costs wherever you order them. Thanks for your support! 

Dipity Literary Mag Issue #1 (Ink Dwellers Rerun Offiicial Edition): Poetry Moon Zoom - October, 2022 - Softcover + Hardcover Economy Edition (Online Bookstores) + Satin Gloss Edition 

INK Dwellers Dipity Rerun Issue No. 1 vforrow.png

Dipity Literary Mag Issue #2 (Jurassic Ink Rerun Official Edition): Poetry & Photography - December, 2022 - Softcover + Hardcover Economy Edition (Online Bookstores) + Satin Gloss Edition


Dipity Literary Mag Issue #3 (Castle Terra Kingdom Official Gallop Edition): Poetry, Photography & Short Stories - March, 2023 - Softcover Economy Edition + Hardcover Dust Economy ( Online Bookstores) + Satin Gloss Edition


Dipity Literary Mag Issue #4 (ANTIQUE ROADSHIP) Poetry, Photography & Art - December, 2023 - Softcover Standard Version (Online Bookstores) + Hardcover Dust + Satin Gloss Edition 

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