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Mighty tiny Chihuahua's melt my heart.

I love cartoons and art.

I love to rhyme and enjoy family time.

My favorite movie is (1999) The Mummy.

You'll sometimes see me downing cheddar cheese popcorn or ribbons of egg noodle pasta that is beyond yummy.

My pen name initials also

stand for very funny.

I love naan,

 peanut butter,

and fresh liquid honey.

You'll see me look at a hummingbird flutter.

My real name initials stand for "just kidding"

I am not a fan of gambling.

nor construction bidding.

Technology is a passion.

I love avant garde fashion.

Electronic music is my fave.

To all I throw a poetic moonderful wave.

I have African, Asian, Jamaican and Native American roots.

A good story through poetry makes me shake in my boots.

Greek, Italian, and Indian food are superb.

I dislike all hate blurb.

I hate seeing others in pain.

I enjoy the sound of light rain.

I love to write.

I don't like people who fist fight.

My real name is Jazz Marie Kaur (Core).

This world is what I love to create in 

and explore!

-  Vevna Forrow

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