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Comatose by Daphne Harries

and i wonder how branches can be

so tall and yet so low,

but then again i’m on the ground,

pair of birds have begun to nest for spring.

if i had an expanse of feathers

i would clamber to the column of branches

wither yet stride and don’t sway despite

frost melting last Monday

like to think someone loved me once

always shown my ankles,

the scabby grazes from the past

continue to cause an unyielding itch above the heel,

that the woman who i won’t see again stares

in a prolonged session of observation

in the new surrounding


Daphne Harries is a seventeen-year-old Welsh and Australian poet currently living in East Yorkshire. A commended Foyle Young Poet of the Year for 2022, when Daphne isn’t writing, she can be found reading mythology or baking.

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