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The Opposite of Aubade by Zackary Sholem Berger

Is the moonless night's strained dichotomy. I'm either

An alpinist in expressive heights entrained,

Or distribution of ripples in the ether.

Neither can be proven.

Neither would I want them to be.

These are not reasons for moving

Or designs on your empathy.

It's just what I, if I

Am that, finally, just is.

Don't ask the flame if it's the whole fire.

Don't ask for a snakeless hiss.

This song eludes any composition.

What more of me will you ask in my position.


Zackary author of Health for Everyone: A Guide to Politically and Socially Progressive Healthcare (2022) is a poet and translator in Baltimore working in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Spanish. He has work of his that has appeared in Poetry, BODY, and other forums. visit and check out @DrZackaryBerger on Twitter and @zackbergermdphd on Instagram.


Osteria by Sarah Schachner

Note: "The word "aubade" often refers to a love poem or song welcoming or lamenting the arrival of the dawn. The form originated in medieval France." - Poetry Foundation (


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