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3 Poems by Matthew Ellis

I. Forest

A forest is a forest is a Forest The cool, foggy air and redwoods take me back to the Pacific Northwest, but the architecture, the statues in the gardens of Sintra, brings me back to the history of Portugal. A forest is a forest is a Forest From the eastern waters of the Pacific to those of the Atlantic Oceans apart, and yet for the countenance of Fernando II, the same Damp air, Beautiful mysteries, Longing to envelop myself in the unknown.

II. Sea

The sea is the sea is the Sea All one and connected, much like the continents, yet we call them by different names From Lake Erie to the Pacific coast off of California From the waves of the Atlantic crashing against the cliffs of Cape Roca

to the waters of the Mediterranean washing over my feet. The sea is the sea is the Sea Aquamarine and seafoam green Beautiful to behold when ankle-deep but terribly frightening once out of my depth Surrounded by its vastness and unknowing, I swim to shore I am no sea creature, but I’ll return, waist deep, longingly.

III. Beach

A body of sand is a beach is a place where I find Peace The sand envelopes my feet as I walk on and on and on The sun bearing down on me, I find relief in the sea. A beach is a beach is a Beach I am loathe to say all bodies of sand are the same, for surely not all beaches are as breathtaking as this Waves of the Mediterranean crashing against clear blue skies This is what feet were made for Walking on beaches, feeling the sand, firm and conforming around them, and waters rushing over I promise you, this is what feet were made for.


Matthew Ellis (he/him) is a queer poet living in Columbus, Ohio with works published in journals such as The Howler Project and Pamplemousse. With a background in chemistry, he spends his time teaching yoga and following creative pursuits in music and writing. To keep up with his work, you can follow him on Instagram (@matthewellismusic3) or visit his website (

EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: Break Science — Oshun


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