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3 Poems by Chanique Marie Phillips

"the world deserves to see all the pieces of you"

i see you dance with humor 

sing with people please 

hold hands with holding it all together  

and carry smiles that cover pain 

doesn’t it get tiring?


to disguise the hurt 

and the inner turmoil you face 

day in and day out 

your attempts to keep peace with others

result in you 

losing pieces

of yourself

let it go 

take off your costume 

be unafraid to reveal your truths  

because the right ones will love you 

just for being you


don’t you know that you glow 

even when you feel unloved 

there is something looking out for you

from above 

the stars beg for you to shine 

like them

join the crowd and dance in the night 

your beautiful soul meant to bring light 

to those in the darkest of times 

let your words and your rhymes 

bring them to life 

more than you know 

you inspire 

to those who are lost

you bring hope and desire 

you are meant to be here on this earth 

so please stop questioning your worth 

know you are here for more than a season 

your soul is here for a reason

"done with disguise"

you will recognize my disguise 

but I can’t decide 

if I do it for you 

or if I do it for me 

do I feel better 

to be half of who I am? 

unable to understand 

the consequences 

of loving a man

who’s unable to hold my hand 

and caress my face 

give me space 

to feel secure and safe  

my broken parts

are like art 

painted pictures 

the start

of a wonderfully crafted quilt

don’t pull my strings apart 

give me a chance 

to find my dance 

in your arms 

i promise to stay 

if you’ll please 

just help me feel 

secure and safe 

I’m done with disguise 

ready to allow your eyes 

to see the true me 

to unravel my clothing 

my naked truth for you to finally see


Chanique is a 30-year-old social worker who has always had a strong desire to help others, and while working in the field as a social worker is a strong passion of Chanique’s, she knew she wanted to help others in different ways too. Words have always been very therapeutic for Chanique, and she knew that her words could help others too. When Chanique is not writing she enjoys a good cup of coffee, a good glass of wine, a great thrift shopping experience, collecting too much mustard yellow décor, or hanging with her cat, Ivy. Follow @chanmariepoetry for updates and you can also hear these poems read by her with awesome music on the Hummingbird Blink: Nectar Poetry Spotify app podcast via episoode no. 103.


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