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Divine Serendipity (Aseye) by Stephanie Dinsae

From above, the gods set the bait in the social soil, in what would only seem

like plain sight to them as immortals

toying in the machinations of what

the fuck it might mean to be human. In the soil, they plant

what will either result in a lesson or blessing. They sort through

the school of life and gather

a plethora of moments, some storms, desire, yearning, the freedom

to be and exist in all forms, even in denial; sometimes that’s what it takes

to end up real smooth real cool but not too self-contained

or too compact or overly contrived. From start to finish

they watch our lives like tv shows and when the moment

feels right, they do something a little terrifying or jarring

depending on who you are: they evoke a seed of a companion

wondering what it might be like to experience yourself through

the soul of another, to see yourself refracted in the light of

a human with their own sets of movements and history. What soil

might this mortal’s soul need, they wonder. What length might

they go to seek community and connection, will they lose

themself in the process, will they love? Meanwhile, down below, you

become immersed in an immediate comfort of compatibility

If all goes well, you will be taught how to love yourself

because your new confidante insists on it. You will have

to challenge yourself, to fight the urge to think you know

everything under the sun, you will have to sit with yourself

in the damp soil and it is here, that you will grow

because there will be no room for pretend, though

sometimes, the bigger the group, the more like a stage

it might feel to exist. Sometimes, if you are not deliberately

choosing to perform, you will not want to do it for attention

Instead, you will search for the confidantes who tell you

about yourself and do not bring any added pressure but the

pressure to rise to their level and for them to rise to yours

You will never be the same after your paths have mingled

but you will be on your way, shocked at what the gods crafted to make you own who you will have become

somewhere along the wayside in a series of timelines that you never expected


Stephanie Dinsae is a poet and Black Classicist from the Bronx. She is a 2019 Smith College graduate and has received a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry and Literary Translation from Columbia University’s School of the Arts. Stephanie often writes poetry about shame, Greco-Roman myth as it relates to Blackness and her own life, video games, and the flexibility/fallibility of memory. In 2021, she was named one of six Bronx Poet Laureate Finalists and won the DISQUIET Literary Prize in Poetry. Her favorite things to do are dance around to music and obsess over astrology. In case you were wondering, Stephanie has major Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius placements. For more of her writing updates and to connect follow Instagram: @writesumdinsightful and Twitter: @stephaydee13.



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