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Duck Weed by Rebecca Thrush

Under this greened curtain swims

seven frogs and worlds

unseen. We break the surface

tension, but still we buzz.

Even on this bench, the quiet

energies around us

chirp like missing ‘munks.

Leafs fall—crashing

through our seated contentment.

Would you sit and croak with me?

The sassafrases have yellowed

but still their mittens wave.

The feathers are lost, but we

hear the calling. Birds

and bills and buried reaches. We

feel that flight through

whispered winds, even as trees

grow barren. No lilies

in sight of our floating greened pad.


Could you float a while longer with me?


Rebecca Thrush grew up in central Massachusetts and currently works in property management. When not working she enjoys writing poetry, painting, and creating digital collages. Published pieces of hers can be found on Instagram @rebeleigh92.


Floating While Dreaming (feat. Frecks) - Mr. Floyd Larry


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