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falling in love with a siren by Sage Futrell

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

float/flow with me

sing, slow with me

follow me away from this place

feel my vibrations

my reverb riptide

shoegaze daze/days

new wave freakwave

sink/shrink with me

drown, fast with me

let your cries fall on water-brimmed ears

stay with me

stay with me

never think of living without my song again


Sage Futrell (they/she) is a college student from Virginia, US. They currently contribute to many of William & Mary’s literary publications, including LIPS and the Dog Street Journal. In the past, they have received accolades from the Scholastic Art & Writing awards for their poetry, along with publication in various litmags. Recently their poetry has been featured in issue one of Deja Vu, an anthology of retold stories. Aside from creating art, Sage enjoys antiquing and over-analyzing media.


Watership Down - INGEBAR


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