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Floral Tribute by Dianne Thomas

Feeling poetic on a rainy afternoon and seeking to borrow inspiration I took a dusty volume of Shelly, Keats and Byron from the shelf

Before I could begin I found myself distracted by a remnant from an earlier day of romance: some pansies, pressed between the pages

Three tiny flower faces that in their desiccation seemed to have their noses wrinkled, their tongues stuck out tumbled onto the blank page of my notebook

And I marveled that these dead, dry long-ago forgotten things held such power to mock me


Dianne Thomas is a Detroit-based writer whose work has appeared in Octavo, Flashquake, The Threepenny Review, and other online and print publications. Visit Dianne's website: - which offers free reading of her fiction, poetry, vignettes, and more.


Dried Flowers - daisy kay


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