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MONSTER VACANCY by Sarah Das Gupta

Dear Sir,

I am applying for the vacancy of a monster

squat and fat hair closely shaved oblong mouth

But perhaps it’s the horror trope you want over seven feet

veins and arteries exposed red and blue/ blue and red

either possible skin parchment pale

S t r e t c h e d tightly Non-human wanted? Suggest

wolf’s head teeth jagged yellow bloodstained terrible alluring

1. Blood d r I p p i n g 1. Headless

2. Talons/ claws CHOICE HERE 2. Scaly

3. Intestines 3. Fangs

Water Monster? 20 legs (could be extended)

Bermuda Triangle

purple eyes (number optional) SALE OFFER

waving tentacles ditto

Urban Slasher? black suit clown mask on offer- spooky music

Yours etc.

P.S. Haunted House Set on offer with flashing lights


Sarah Das Gupta is a retired English teacher now living near Cambridge, UK, who taught in India and Tanzania, as well as the UK. She has had work published in a number of magazines/ journals, including 'Dipity', 'Paddle', 'Cosmic Daffodil', 'Green Ink', Waywords L.R','Bar Bar','Pure Haiku', 'Parcham', 'The Chamber', 'Tiny Seed' and others. She is interested in most subjects except football and computer games but her four grandsons are winning her over!


"Haunted Rooms Light Switch Stop Motion Video Reel " by @studiogreen.official on Instagram


MANIAC - "Haunted" (Get a room! remix) - Anthem Magazine


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