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The Midas Bunch by Pwen Twistl







grow it


build it again

they say

concrete jungle ain't the end

homelessness rates aren't pretend

medical Sky High bills are still on serial mail send

they want to become DNA Herculean

they want it all

the entire enchilada

few sing true tree hugger love like a human enchilada

roll in this Price Is Wrong show

the green dough

the green dough

they want

the bling bling

a 100K diamond encrusted ring

Soy sauce lickity split slick gold flavored shoes

their face plastered on the friggin' everywhere

news + a lifetime supply of Midas booze

winner winner fried chicken Hades conveyour belt dinner

truffle Rolex power

every caviar sweet n' sour hour

poison ivy penguin flower

the Chronicles of Narnia tower

well thats a wicked witch

prehistoric hoot glitch

time shall never fully love patch stitch

with another selfish Dog Eat Dog bullseye b****h

the scales of peace are upside down

and hunger still exists beyond each and every downtown

Wreck It Ralph!




they want it all

and this is a domino Julius Caesar fall

this is a cannon ball of your Fast & Weirdius actions


make me bloody heartbeat crawl

it's sick

to leave others behind

to drown while you polish your superglued crown

it's sick to make the Earth leech sick

don't be a wood tick


stop spreading plastic Niptuck disease

stop the spread of villain red

stop this nonsense of Face Off bloodshed

stop toying with MY BODY RIGHTS

stop adding to the flamethrower fire

stop the Wrestlemania fights

only love reaches should be our Mortal Instrument kites

The City of Bones

on the nightmare rerun news

well it always Queen of the Damned bites


If you remember on the Spotify podcast of Hummingbird Blink, Pwen Twistl is actually another pen name of Jazz Marie Kaur aka Vevna Forrow. Also, another pen name she first went by with her first poetry colletion was titled Rattled Souls that she created in high school, which is no longer available under Meeli Caston. You can read some of her first published writes as Forrow in Chirp on Wood on Amazon which is revised from Extiinct a bit, The pen name Twistle was inspired by Gwen of the Marvel Spiderverse, the P in Paul Revere and also the thought of whistleblowers across society.


Crocodile Tears by GRADES

P.S. I also love Crocodile Tears by Unlike Pluto


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