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When a Siren Loves a Witch’s Spell by Alexis Washington

You chant spells like sirens’ songs,

and I love your attempts at mimicry.

My witch hunt begins here,

join me in my ocean sanctity

where summer can truly begin

beyond the curse that eats away at your bones.

My pentagram is drawn with seaweed and the spit of sailors’

screams, come and melt your legs

within a flameless re-birth and

let the suffocating sea squeeze your tail out

of the devilish humanity

of which they plastered your name.

If they chase you, know my call

will create waves of their fallen bodies.

Let me show you the death us sirens deal just.

No one is scared of yours the way they're scared of mine.

You witches deal in boiling veins,

seconds, minutes of whole minds witnessing

the madness of a murder. I leave them brainless,

melted puddles of god-forsaken clay that lead them

to their demise. Know I will never do the same to you

because as monsters of feminine nightmares,

the world would bow at our love only

if you find me swimming low while they burn above.


Alexis Washington is a junior literary arts major at Appomattox Regional Governor's School. Though she only got into poetry a few years ago, she has already seen great improvement in her work. So far, she has won first place in the 2023 Teen Nib poetry contest and earned two scholastic silver keys, but her poetry journey has only just begun. Most of her pieces act as both catharsis and introspection. It allows her to see herself and her struggles through metaphors and rhythm.


Witch Hunt - INGEBAR


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