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3 Haikus by Mark Morgan, Jr.


Summer’s slow descent

fills an emerald cragtooth maw

with stormcloud haze breath


Japanese maples

anoint chrysanthemum beds

with autumn wine


dawn’s splitear frostblaze

fills abandoned sparrow nests—

smoky breath fades


Mark Morgan, Jr. is a Detroit native, teacher, and poet. His work is featured in The Rising Phoenix Review, Peninsula Poets by Poetry Society of Michigan, and the 2018-2022 editions of Sterling Script: A Local Author Collection by Walper Publishing. Mark also won Landmark Books' Fourth Annual Haiku Contest in 2018. When not teaching, writing, or working toward his Master's degree, Mark may be found reading, playing chess, or listening to jazz. More of Mark's work may be read on Instagram @anautumnroad_poetry.


Chrysanthemum - Lofive


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