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Aging by Anastasia Kimm

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I fear I will get too old

and leave you somewhere

in my 1982

I don’t have fun like i used to,

I just sit

and drink in my bedroom-

I’ll read back our love letters

and annotate grammar mistakes

I’ve yet to call you back

I find it hard to explain

how i’m going on sixty

yet somehow not

even half that age

I’ve always struggled with speaking-

wrap myself up

and pretend I’m unborn

—but I’ll wake up again

and fear i’m getting old


Anastasia Kimm is a creative writing student based in Nottingham, UK. She writes mostly

poetry, sometimes short fiction, and one day perhaps a novel. She has upcoming publication in Sour Cherry Magazine. Follow on Instagram @ruks4ky for updates.


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