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Night Swim by Rosalie Hendon

Her voice starts so clear, but it fades echoing into the middle distance

Water can call out names, it’s true I’ve heard it tempt and tease

The murmur of a brook, the crash of the tide

Easy to confuse its voice with a lover’s Easy to mistake its buoyancy for love

The shape the water takes in the darkness The way it holds you up, effortless

How you’re cradled in its embrace How you’re bathed in moonlight

She sings, but it’s just a night swim


Rosalie Hendon (she/her) is an environmental planner living in Columbus, Ohio. Her work is published in Change Seven, Pollux, Willawaw, Write Launch, and Sad Girls Club, among others. Rosalie is inspired by ecology, relationships, and stories passed down through generations.


Night Swim - INGEBAR


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