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Reasons by Komal Ishtiaq

Reasons are mere illusions

To mask the excuses.

Reasons to diet,

Reasons to pass,

Reason to come,

Reasons to go.

These reasons definitely cost you much

It becomes very dangerous sometimes.

Let’s unveil those reasons

Come out


Why not cupboard these reasons for sometimes

Believe me my darling!!!

It would cost you nothing.

To smile without reason.

Let it keep aside;

Smile, giggle, and laugh

Without any fear.

Walk, breathe, inhale,

Without any fear my dear.

Let’s every day start with new energy,

Without any reason to count

Just keep moving

Without any fear my dear.

Dress up bright, but if dull

Sadness may not be the reason.

Celebrate every day without any reason to


Listen, my beloved!!!

Reasons cost you much

Let the day be your day

Without any reason my dear.


Komal Ishtiaq, a story, article, and content writer has a BS, Hons. In English Literature and Linguistics. She has already published short stories “Inferior” in Kitaab magazine and “Reunion” in Storizen Magazine. Follow her @komalishtiaq7 for more updates.


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