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Sad girl cry by Alice Rose Ray

My dark facade is an aura of protection

Often I think about dying Only when I’m sleeping

Lucid dreams more noticeable Than curses running rife Like steak knives

My love for you is like a gash On my arm bleeding with fervency

I wake up from the cursed sleep I rise from the ashes daily Until the time comes to die again

Desperation Comes back to me so

Suddenly I eat your neck Like a vampire or a riot gone Wrong like my feelings

Naked like my ambition They ask me if i feel well (I can’t answer this honestly, my love)

My cervix aches Where aspiration swells

Misfortunes are heartbeats stolen from babies (by babies)

I came back to life after being deceived, so can you

I had to face my shortcomings like cake knives I had to make amends I had to die

If you love me Circumspect my heart Bring it into fruition

As one we come together Laugh at our enemies

Hey you! Stop screaming at me!!!

I used to be a god

I used to bathe in spiritual bliss and golden baths Say to me what you’re feeling Say to me you would devote your life to me I used to wear my birthday suit all day long And swipe at the nose of Pinocchio I used to laugh and laugh like it was Christmas Except for the grinch who told me off I used to murder my goals Until they were realised wrongly I used to safely eat from crystal bowls Until I could see clearly my goals I used to try to do things so omnipresently And ride a bike as if it was a feather I used to lounge about, with wine & grapes And command my people to do as I say But it was the turn of the century And the wine, instead of being poured Wanted to be sipped at Christchurch I used to cry golden tears alone, I used to be a god Then you came along I used to think only I was important But now you’re the god, oh mighty one And on a pearlescent chariot, I’ve sent you to the heavens Through the abyss And the Elysian Fields The people will now worship you And this time The commands will always be For everyone (as gods and monsters are)

Seldom (digressing)

Don’t ever digress from meaning until the traumas subsided I’m clearly so drained and thankful for the memories

of your beauty and your luscious lips and sweet kisses

that only exist in the dark recesses of my Freudian mind...

the closest comfort of your song... the songs we shared together they mean nothing & everything at the same time.

I used to channel your energy so beautifully

I wake up from a dream and you’re there. Sinking slowly into the abyss. Into my arms for a cuddle (but) I stretch out my arms and nothing... (there, there)


Alice Rose Ray is a Visual artist and writer. She is a spiritualist, occultist and believer in the divine who likes to channel different energies through the art of writing and poetry. She speaks on topics such as disability, mental-health, hurt and nostalgia. Her work is diverse, ebullient and ethereal… hoping to inspire and encourage those to write as both artist/writer and muse. Bridging the gap between polarities such as dark and light and accessing alternative realms through automatism and stream-of-consciousness writing. You can follow her Instagram @aliceroseray3.

EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: Buttxrfly — Sinking


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