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Wanted by Jennifer Nuesi

Wanted for the Unwanted looks different to me

Bars are lowered and expectations are more contemplations

Of what can be with what will be

A meager leper on the streets

A beggar in these sheets

Honesty is the foolish sin of the righteous

How to tell the truth within a web of lies

Deceit is the pastor that speaks

Leading the sheep into milk-soaked meadows

How blindly must my thirst be to savor meatless meals

All for the feels

All for the motions

All for the oceans

That I seem to miss in waves and swells

How to convince them of my worth

How to present this plate of delicacies

How to flip this blemish into an oddity of richness

How to swallow the sorrow again at the table of feasts

Morsels of the self left in a gravy that drowns the person

Just to say you had a seat at the table


“THINGS” is Jennifer Nuesi's first published work. Released in December of 2021, it is a visual poetry collection to show how anxiety can play into our minds, branching off in a thousand directions. Though she is a new author, her work has impacted the writing communities. She has been featured on The Well, The Dumping Grounds, The Author Show, 105 Publishing, the ArtsXchange in Georgia, and many others. “THINGS” has hit Top 100 on Amazon in all formats and continues to hold a presence. The work she creates is set to bring strength and elegance to the raw elements inside us all. Follow updates at @penofthepeople and her website:


Seat at the table - Rodney Hazard


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