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hearse sound by Calum Robertson

when granny died i couldn’t see the body cuz when rita died i said she looked aquatic when gord died i couldn’t see the body cuz when the river washed each away i when the hunting hounds came home running when the ford crashed on the highway when grandaddy’s lungs gave out when the flesh turned hard when the bone melted soft in the sun when the bodies remained


Calum Robertson, sometimes known as syf, (fae/faer/faerself) is a full-time tea-drinker, part-time forest cryptid from Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Treaty 7, Alberta, currently studying communications in Kitchener-Waterloo, Dish with One Spoon Treaty, Ontario, Canada, Turtle Island. The 2022 winner of the Barbara Schneider Writing Award in Communications, faer work focuses on sound studies, nature, queer identities, and Outsider art. Fae has written nonfiction articles for publications as diverse as university campus newspapers (the Gauntlet), the Christian Courier (community newspaper) and filling Station (experimental literature). Faer poetry and prose has appeared in numerous magazines both online and in print, including Canthius, nod, deathcap, the anti-Langurous Project, Lida Literary, Bourgeon, peculiar, Red Coyote, and Tofu Ink. Fae’d like to be reincarnated as a grouse, next time around. You can find faer on Instagram as @sheepiemcgoaters, where fae typically post cups of tea half-drunk and books mostly read.

EDITOR'S SONG PAIRING: vvsDripify — Clinical Hearse


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